Over the last 50 years, Miniter Group has worked with our lender partners to become one of the nation's largest auto and mortgage portfolio insurance providers. Our success is due to a laser focus on transferring collateral risk from our insureds' portfolios. Since the launch of our Borrower-Centric Insurance Tracking service in 2006, we have become the fastest growing insurance tracking company in our industry with an average annual growth of 86%.

Collateral Risk

Collateral and operational risks can be catastrophic risks which are unpredictable. These include collateral being destroyed by fire or flood, as well as a class action lawsuit which finds the lender at fault for a compliance error. Due to the severity of these losses, lenders must have a consistent, repeatable and compliant work flow in place that monitors and provides insurance for uninsured collateral in your portfolio.

Core Values

"James L. Miniter inspired trust. He was always impeccably prepared, ready with answers to every question. He never needed to proclaim his devotion to detail or his penchant for follow-through; he simply defined, in the most understated way, service. Operating in those days before laptops, e-mail or computerized networks, Mr. Miniter conducted his business with the most powerful of tools: Integrity."

Julianne Donley - President

Gregory Dee - CFO

Jim Gilpin - EVP

Julianne graduated from Smith College with a bachelor’s degree in 1985. She then joined her father, Arthur Donley, who at that time was President of Miniter Group and was the pioneer of VSI in New England. Julianne is fully licensed and has been working in the insurance industry and for Miniter Group for over twenty five years.   She is the sole owner of the James L. Miniter Insurance Agency, Inc. Julianne is currently a member of the Board of Directors of the Boston Latin School and is actively involved in the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council.  
Gregory is Chief Financial Officer and Director of Human Resources. A graduate of Northeastern University, Greg has extensive experience serving in senior financial roles both in banking and private industry. Most recently, Greg was the Chief Financial Officer for two Massachusetts banks.  He has conducted financial seminars for bank customers, has been a speaker at a national banking convention, and is a college adjunct faculty member. Greg also holds masters degrees in Business Administration and Education.                 
Jim is Executive Vice President of Miniter Group. He is responsible for marketing & tracking operations. Jim has a BSEE in Electrical Engineering from Norwich University. He has held sales positions at many of the top software companies.  Jim joined Miniter Group in November 1998 as Vice President of Operations to bring business systems expertise to Miniter Group. Jim graduated from the Consumer Bankers Association Graduate School of Retail Bank Management in 2006 and is a member of the Board of Directors at Abington Bank.     

Mark Hughley - SVP

Michelle Austin - SVP

Wayne Brantley - CIO

Mark is Senior Vice President of Sales at Miniter Group. He joined Miniter Group in 2012 and is responsible for building the company’s national sales team. Mark has over 25 years of successful sales and sales management experience in the specialty insurance marketplace. Prior to joining Miniter, Mark held several executive level positions at Kistler Financial Insurance Group, Balboa Insurance and Assurant Solutions. Mark attended Eastern Washington University on an athletic scholarship.
Michelle is Senior Vice President of Lender Services.  Michelle is responsible for overall client support, which includes lienholder insurance tracking, policy training, claim and coverage interpretation, technology implementation as well as ongoing systems training.  Michelle has a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Duquesne University where she played basketball.  She is fully licensed and has been working in the insurance industry, and for Miniter Group, for fifteen years.  
Wayne is Chief Information Officer of Miniter Group. He is responsible for all technology strategy, development, deployment and management. Prior to Miniter Group, Wayne owned and operated a sucessful software development company in the Southeast USA.  Wayne has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga in computer science. He has been working in the computer industry for over fifteen years and with Miniter Group since March of 1999.  

Ray Reed - SVP

Ray is Senior Vice President of Underwriting & Compliance. He is responsible for the development of customized mortgage impairment and force placed insurance programs, monitoring adherence to regulatory compliance issues, and managing all underwriting responsibilities for the company. Ray is a native of Baltimore and has a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and a Master’s Degree in Administrative Sciences from the Johns Hopkins University. Ray has become a nationally recognized expert in Mortgage Impairment coverage and also specializes in Force Placed coverages.

David Rush - VP

David is Vice President of Sales at Miniter Group. He has over 25 years of successful sales, sales management, business development and national sales training experience in the specialty insurance market. David held numerous executive level positions at Assurant Solutions, The AON Corporation, Kistler Financial Insurance Group and Maytag. David has BA & BS degrees in Economics from U.S.C. and holds P&C and Life & Health licenses.

Mark Pfeifer - VP

Mark is Vice President of Sales at Miniter Group. He has thirty one years of combined banking and insurance experience. Mark was with HSBC in New York City for fifteen years. His experience includes retail banking and lending, affluent consumer, corporate business development, and division management. Mark's thirteen years of insurance experience includes ten years at Assurant Group as Regional Sales Director, and three years at Balboa Insurance Group as Vice President of Sales.