A Message from the CEO

Julianne Donley President & CEO Miniter Group

Welcome, and thank you for visiting Miniter Group. I’m Julianne Donley, President and CEO.

A Tradition of Excellence and Service

I joined Miniter Group in 1985 in order to work side by side with my father, Arthur Donley, who purchased this company in 1965. As we grew our business of providing collateral risk transfer solutions, including insurance tracking and force placed insurance, I saw that there was much more to our company than simply offering a service. Working with him allowed me to see how his values shaped the company, how his handshake meant as much as a contract, and how he was dedicated to earning both our new and existing customers’ business every single day.

When I stepped into the role of President and Chief Executive Officer in 1996, I knew I would carry on my father’s traditions of business: integrity, service, pride, and honor. Today, over 20 years later, I’m proud to say that the Miniter team is carrying on that legacy of maintaining those values, even as we’ve grown to operate nationwide, providing force placed insurance and other services to over 700 lending institutions.

Classic Values with Modern Insurance Solutions

Even as we grow as a company, we maintain our focus, and even adopt business practices and services that reflect our values. We know the importance of putting our customers first, and we want to extend that same opportunity to you.  For example, we are proud to offer Borrower-Centric methods to monitor insurance, allowing you to maintain your good relationship with your borrowers even when force-placed insurance is a requirement.

In addition to providing quality service to the lenders we work with, we are also committed to being here for our clients. By that, I mean, we focus on long-term growth that is deliberate and strategic. Rather than working with as many lenders as possible and stretching ourselves too thin, thus sacrificing service, we are committed to providing a steady presence. That, coupled with a debt-free financial plan allows us to continue to be the leading insurance vendor for banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions.

Contact Miniter Group to Learn More

As we move through our fifth decade, I am filled with gratitude to our clients, to whom it’s truly a privilege to serve, and our team, who carry on my father’s legacy. While I’m proud of our past, I’m looking toward the future as we continue to provide innovative solutions and leveraging the latest technology.

On behalf of Miniter, I invite you to learn more about our services and insurance products, and reach out to us at 781-982-3100 to discover how we can help you with collateral risk management solutions.