About Us

Miniter Group’s sole focus has been to provide collateral risk transfer expertise, and the associated software solutions necessary to deliver this expertise.   We now operate all over the country insuring over 700 lenders (including banks, credit unions, finance companies, and other mortgage servicers) with well over 5,500 individual insurance policies.  That’s eight individually designed policies issued for every lender.



Miniter Group has been a privately held family business since its inception in 1972.  Second generation management is now lead by Julianne Donley, who has guided Miniter as CEO since 1996.

Miniter is debt free and independent.  This has allowed Miniter to build our reputation at our pace, one lender at a time.  Our growth is deliberate, steady and under control.  This approach ranks us as the best third-party vendor at many of our lenders.  We nurture our culture internally so that our employees are empowered to deliver the best service and solutions in our industry.



We are glad to provide you with executive references from many of our clients.  Chances are, we may be insuring one of your colleagues at a lender near you.

Mission Statement

Miniter Group provides collateral risk transfer solutions to companies servicing loan portfolios. Our unique culture encourages a customer focused, consultative approach using our industry expertise, innovative technology, and employee dedication.

Our Core Values

Miniter Group's core values are based on those of our founder, James L. Miniter. He inspired trust. He was always impeccably prepared, ready with answers to every question. He never needed to proclaim his devotion to detail or his penchant for follow-through; he simply defined, in the most understated way, service. Operating in those days before laptops, e-mail or computerized networks, Mr. Miniter conducted his business with the most powerful of tools: Integrity.

Our Story


Over the last 50 years, Miniter Group has worked with our lender partners to become one of the nation’s largest mortgage and auto portfolio insurance providers. Our success is due to a laser focus on transferring collateral risk from our insureds’ portfolios. Since the launch of our Borrower-Centric Insurance Tracking service in 2006, we have become the fastest growing insurance tracking company in our industry.

Arthur E. Donley


In 1956 Arthur met Mr. James L. Miniter. As with most successful people, Arthur was quickly recognized as someone special. Mr. Miniter soon became his mentor, his advisor, and his personal friend. Arthur watched Mr. Miniter work, taking special note of how he treated his customers. Mr. Miniter had a reputation for his expertise, his honesty, and his integrity. He was a “true gentleman, beyond reproach” and Arthur wanted to be just like him.


Arthur bought James L. Miniter Insurance Agency in 1965 with the goal of carrying on his legacy. Every decision made was done so with the scrutiny of how Mr. Miniter would view the situation. It is with those high standards that Arthur expanded Minter’s agency and its reputation. Through his vision, he steered the agency into a specialty company currently known as Miniter Group.


Today, Miniter Group boasts of being one of the largest providers of its product offerings in the country and holds a reputation of customer service that is unsurpassed by its competitors. It is with Arthur’s strong leadership, visionary ideas, and courage to take the right risks that set the foundation for Miniter Group to grow over the years. His unending support and encouragement is invaluable to all of us. At Miniter Group, we know we can never fill his shoes, but we try each and every day to follow in his footsteps.