Live Webinars

Commercial Insurance Tracking Webinar

June 24, 2021 (2:00PM EDT)

This webinar is a panel discussion that provides a deep dive into the complexities of commercial insurance tracking.  Both collateral value determination and operational risks will be discussed.  Topics include:

  • Insurance tracking for multi-collateral and cross-collateral loans.
  • Real property valuations, tracked values, and their uses to manage lender risk.
  • GSE requirements for Commercial loans.

The panelists of the webinar include Michelle Austin, VP of Lender Services, Don Marthey, VP of Business Strategy and Tracking Operations, and Jim Gilpin, EVP and COO of Miniter Group.

On Demand Webinars

Live webinars above will be available for viewing 1 day after the live event

RESPA Compliance Insurance Tracking Since Dodd-Frank

On-Demand Recording (Recorded February 24, 2021)

Miniter Groups Managers discuss the significant compliance issues since the CFPB began updating RESPA. The panel discusses these issues in detail and explain how Miniter Group’s Borrower-Centric insurance tracking system monitors these changes.

Jim Gilpin, EVP & COO, Don Marthey, VP of Business Strategy and Tracking Operations, and Robert Hayden, Compliance Risk Manager, will be hosting the webinar. There will be a significant Q&A portion of time during the live stream for attendees to ask questions about RESPA Compliance Insurance Tracking since Dodd-Frank.

Flood Compliance: Biggert-Waters to Today

October 29, 2020 (2:00 PM)

This webinar will provide a detailed compliance refresher for loan servicers and compliance professionals involved with NFIP/Joint Agency flood regulation.

Robert Hayden will review the history of Force-Placed Flood Insurance regulation starting with the passage of BW-12, HFFIA, Escrow Requirements, the 2015 Joint Agency Q&A interpretation, and finally Private Flood Insurance.

Challenging the Force-Place Insurance Business Model

On-Demand Recording (Recorded July 23, 2020) 

This webinar will provide insight into the six part blog series “Challenging the Force-Placed Insurance Business Model.”

Jim Gilpin will review the history of force-placed insurance, and then discuss a new insurance tracking pricing model.  This model is in place today at over 100 lenders in the USA to reduce lender’s loan servicing expense while at the same time dramatically improving the borrower experience.

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