Author:Robert Smith

Small Dinghy Floats Behind Three Cars in Flooded Area

Better Flood Risk Management Through Science

Many lending professionals might feel less concerned with the science behind flood plains than the effect they have on issuing and servicing mortgages. How the flood maps are drawn, however, as well as the long-term fate of the NFIP and the real risks that lenders...

Blanket VSI & CPI

The Great MLA Mess

I could call the current situation with the MLA interpretive rule something more genteel than a “mess,” but I fear as though that would detract from what it is. Specifically, I am referring to Question & Answer 2 from the amendment to the interpretive rule...

NY Fed Seal on a Wooden Table Top

Lesson from the NY Fed: Play It Safe, Sorry is Not Worth It

In March, news broke that hackers stole $81 million from the Bank of Bangladesh out of their account with the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. It seems the New York Fed was largely diligent on their end at first glance, if not perfectly. The failure occurred...