Miniter Group Enhances its Commercial Loan Insurance Tracking

NORWELL, MA – Miniter Group today announces a new release of the Borrower-Centric Insurance Tracking Solution that enhances insurance tracking of commercial loan portfolios.

This release enhances the ability to track multi-collateral loans, multi-loan collaterals, contents & equipment, as well other insurance policies such as key man life insurance.

Revolutionizing the Lending Industry

According to James Gilpin, EVP of Business Development at Miniter Group:

“Prior to this release, lenders in the $300 million to $30 billion asset category did not have a viable solution to outsource insurance tracking for their commercial portfolios. We listened to our commercial lenders insurance tracking needs prior to the development of our three tier database. This database structure easily supports the complex relationships between commercial loans and any type of cross-collateralization that secures these loans.”

Leading the Banking Insurance Industry

Miniter Group is a leading provider of collateral risk transfer solutions to the lending industry. Miniter Group provides blanket and lender placed insurance solutions to over 600 lenders in 45 states.

Their in-house software development created their Borrower-Centric Insurance Tracking System in 2006.

Miniter’s solutions include Vendor Single Interest Insurance, Commercial Portfolio Insurance Tracking, Lender Placed Insurance, Collateral Protection Insurance and Mortgage Impairment Insurance.