Product Expertise

We at Miniter Group like to describe our product expertise as "an inch wide and a mile deep," much like an oil well. Our sole focus is collateral risk transfer and our depth is unmatched.


The executive management team, operations, and underwriting management, have worked in the banking industry most of their careers. Our employees include former bank executives, loan officers, loan servicing managers, as well as current board members.


Miniter's underwriting team has over 150 years of property and casualty insurance experience. Most of this experience involves collateral risk transfer for lenders.


The technology development team has created both a world-class claims processing system as well as the industry's first Borrower-Centric insurance tracking system. The systems continuously evolve and improve based on lender feedback.


Insurance servicing operations include claims processing, a call center for borrower and agent inquiries, and Borrower-Centric insurance tracking. Our Borrower-Centric culture embraces the relentless pursuit of customer satisfaction through on-going training and mentoring.

Miniter's product expertise, "an inch wide and a mile deep."

Miniter's product expertise, "an inch wide and a mile deep."