Lienholder Claims Processing – What Primary Insurance Doesn’t Want You to Know

Jun 1, 2019 | Vehicle Solutions

Introduction – Lienholder Claims Processing

Repossessions are a part of doing business for a vehicle lender. In a good economy, these credit losses can be below 20 basis points (bps), in bad economies, we have seen these credit losses exceed 200 bps. A repossessed vehicle with physical damage compounds these losses.

Lenders have unsuccessfully attempted to mitigate those physical damage losses with the borrower’s primary insurance carrier invoking lienholder’s rights. Historically, the insurance claims departments have cited technicalities in the policy as reasons to deny lienholder claims. To level the playing field, and maximize repossession recoveries, lenders need an insurance expert for lienholder claims processing.


Miniter Direct Lienholder Claims Service (Miniter DLC) is a spin-off from Miniter’s VSI Insurance Program. VSI insurance claims process required indirect lenders to investigate repossessed borrower’s primary insurance status before filing a VSI Insurance claim. This insurance investigation by the lenders was a “check the box” type of inquiry to the primary insurance carriers. In 2003, Miniter offered to take this investigation in-house to streamline the VSI claims payment process . Successful primary insurance investigations transferred a large amount of the physical damage losses to the primary insurance carrier.

Lienholder Claim Expertise

For the last 16 years, Miniter has become the primary insurance advocate for many of the most significant indirect portfolios in the country.

We are experts at claims processing based on each of the 50 states’ auto insurance laws. Miniter DLC recovers lienholder claims payments that are typically denied by most insurance carriers. We are your insurance advocate, and we pursue your lienholder rights with these carriers until we receive payment, or a rightful claim denial is processed.

Why is Miniter Successful?

Direct Lienholder Claims Service utilizes the latest insurance investigative tools and our insurance expertise, but most important is our interpersonal skills training. Our staff has developed telephone skills specifically designed to influence insurance claims department personnel. It is our personal touch, combined with knowledge and persistence that leads to success.


Whether an indirect lender uses VSI Insurance or not, Miniter’s DLC program can help reduce charge-offs. We will work with your repossessed borrower’s insurance company to collect all lienholder claims payments that are rightfully yours.

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