Loan Servicing Solutions

A lender's decision to outsource insurance tracking operations is not an easy one. Community lenders compete with large banks by providing an individualized experience for their borrowers. However, legacy insurance tracking systems lack the ability to provide the individualized experience community lenders require. In addition, vendor management has become more costly and time consuming. Community lenders should only outsource when both of these strategic goals can be met. 

At Miniter Group, we understand the challenges community lenders face with insurance tracking. Borrower-Centric insurance tracking was specifically created to provide the high-level of individualized service borrowers need to help keep their own insurance. Miniter Group also embraces the guidance regulators have created to ensure third-party risk management and protection of sensitive customer information.

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Outsource Insurance Tracking

Miniter Group's Outsource Tracking system is the first Borrower-Centric lender-placed insurance tracking system. Using our Glass House approach means you have full visibility, real time, all the time, into everything we do for you as your outsource insurance tracking partner.

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escrow servicing

Miniter Group's escrow service is designed to efficiently and accurately present these invoices for payment by the lender through the use of the lender's loan servicing system.

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Write Your Own Force-Placed Insurance

Miniter Group's "Write Your Own" is a web-based insurance placement system that is designed to integrate into a lender’s existing insurance tracking system workflow. “Write Your Own” is an easy-to-use placement system that automates the placement, cancellation, billing, and compliance notifications associated with force-placing insurance.

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Vehicle Skip Tracing

Miniter Group's in-house skip tracing company was created specifically to eliminate the finger pointing associated with third-party skip tracers.

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Claims Processing

We process vehicle claims in under eight days. For real property claims, our claims process includes integration into our insurance providers, for real-time status updates for our lenders.