Mission Statement

Miniter Group provides collateral risk transfer solutions to companies servicing loan portfolios.  Our unique culture encourages a customer focused, consultative approach using our industry expertise, innovative technology, and employee dedication.

Core Values

"James L. Miniter inspired trust. He was always impeccably prepared, ready with answers to every question. He never needed to proclaim his devotion to detail or his penchant for follow-through; he simply defined, in the most understated way, service. Operating in those days before laptops, e-mail or computerized networks, Mr. Miniter conducted his business with the most powerful of tools: Integrity."

Collateral Risk

"Collateral and operational risks can be catastrophic risks which are unpredictable. These include collateral being destroyed by fire or flood, as well as a class action lawsuit which finds the lender at fault for a compliance error. Due to the severity of these losses, lenders must have a consistent, repeatable and compliant work flow in place that monitors and provides insurance for uninsured collateral in your portfolio."