Outsourced Insurance Tracking

Miniter's Outsource Tracking System is the first Borrower-Centric lender-placed insurance tracking system. Using our Glass House approach means you have full visibility in real time, all the time, into everything we do for you as your outsourced insurance tracking partner.

You can view everything.  Every transaction. Every document. Every image. Every borrower. Every time.

Our in-house development team built 100% of our system based on input from our largest and smallest lender partners. Come check us out — you’ll like living in the Glass House!



Have you ever taken a call from an irate borrower inquiring about a letter they received stating they’ll be forced-placed unless a coverage issue with their homeowner or auto policy is resolved? 

Miniter Group’s Borrower-Centric Insurance Tracking works directly with the borrower’s agent/broker to resolve any non-conforming coverage issues before the existing policy expires.

17 typical coverage issues such as wrong lienholder address or a high deductible is easily handled prior to the existing policy expiration. Most of the time, the borrower is not aware that we are working with their broker. We send 75% less letters, which means less irate calls from your borrowers!


Compliant Outbound Letters

All outbound insurance mail is handled by Miniter Group. We have invested in state of the art outbound mail technology to provide low cost, accurate and verifiable mail to your borrowers. All outbound letter formats are designed to be Dodd-Frank and NAIC Model Act compliant. Letters can be customized by the lender. Outbound letters include: First Notice, Final Notice, Notice of Insurance (NOI), and cancellation letters.


Automated Premium Invoicing

Two invoicing options are available. The lender can be invoiced one time for the annual policy premium, or the annual premium can be billed monthly. Monthly invoices are based on a net calculation of new premium and unearned premium refunds, which avoids large premium refunds when the borrower obtains their own insurance. Invoices are prepared on the first of the following month and can be printed directly from the website.