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Rethinking Insurance Tracking and CPI Insurance

Our state-of-the-art insurance tracking technology and extensive expertise in force-placed and blanket VSI auto insurance allow us to successfully transfer lenders’ uninsured collateral risk.

Ten years of research has resulted in a corporate vision we call Borrower CentricSM.  This is an operational methodology which allows us to fine-tune the trade-off between protecting your collateral and ensuring that your borrower relationship remains intact.

Successfully reducing risk for our lender partners through force-placed insurance, collateral protection, and insurance tracking, requires our expertise in three key things:
  1. Understanding the risks associated with the type of lending portfolio we are insuring.
  2. Customizing large, structured commercial insurance policies to address all portfolio, compliance, and operational risks.
  3. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology to efficiently transfer the portfolio’s risk to the customized insurance policy.

In order to meet all three requirements, we continuously listen to our customers to learn their needs and build the best possible delivery technology and features that satisfies those needs through the following systems and services.

Collateral Risk Transfer and Insurance Tracking Services

Outsourcing Your Tracking to Miniter (OST)

When you choose Miniter as your force-placed insurance tracking partner, we ensure compliance by following carefully designed and vetted processes, and employ a Borrower-CentricSM approach.  This means we treat your borrowers (or, your members, in the case of credit unions) like you treat them.

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Write Your Own (WYO)

Our WYO solution is a web-based insurance placement system that is designed to integrate into a lender’s existing insurance tracking system workflow. WYO is an easy-to-use system that automates the placement, cancellation, billing, and compliance notifications associated with force-placed insurance and CPI insurance.

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Track Your Own (TYO)

If you prefer to track insurance in-house, Miniter’s Track Your Own force-placed insurance tracking solution is an optimal solution. This system provides the full functionality of our outsource insurance tracking technology in your loan servicing department.

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Claims & Lien Holder Services

Claims service is critical to the operational efficiency of transferring collateral risk.  Miniter Group has invested in state-of-the-art claims processing for force-placed hazard and flood insurance, as well as blanket VSI.  In addition, we offer debt cancellation claims processing services to increase your per-claim recovery and reduce your net charge-offs.

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Our Services by Loan Portfolio Type:

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Consumer loan portfolios require alternative approaches when it comes to collateral risk transfer, particularly due to the difference in risk between HELOC and vehicle portfolios. We offer customized solutions for both VSI and Blanket Hazard Insurance.

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Residential loan portfolios represent the largest asset class in non-commercial banks and credit unions.  We offer a host of customized services and decades of expertise to protect these portfolios at reasonable cost.

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Transferring commercial collateral risk requires a careful balance between protecting your portfolio and providing each one of your commercial borrowers with the kind of customer service that safeguards your relationship with them. We offer multiple risk transfer solutions coupled with a Borrower-CentricSM approach to meet these  requirements.

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