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Business Unit Managers responsible for portfolio profitability must manage both collateral risk and the expense associated with managing that risk.  Miniter Group currently has over 150 years of experience working with business unit managers designing and underwriting cost-effective solutions customized to the unique characteristics of each lender’s portfolio.  Whether you manage a zero-loss portfolio or one that has seen some recent claims, Miniter will design a solution to meet both your risk appetite and your budget.

Our risk transfer solutions are customized to meet your portfolio’s unique needs.  When designing your solution, we will evaluate the use of Blanket Insurance, Force-Placed Insurance and Mortgagee E&O (mortgage impairment).  Typically, a combination of these policies will provide the best coverage that will minimize NIE expense.  To be cost-effective, these policies are joined with technology that minimizes the operational cost for the lender, while providing full risk transfer.

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Residential 1-4 Loans

Transferring residential 1-4 collateral risks involves verifying insurance at loan origination as well as designing a cost-effective approach to maintaining residential 1-4 insurance on the collateral through the duration of your loan. In addition, lenders must be concerned with ensuring that their residential loan operations follow compliant and repeatable work-flow processes.

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Consumer Loans

Cost-effectively transferring collateral risk from consumer loan portfolios involves completely different techniques than those used with real estate portfolios.  Alternative approaches are required because of the low frequency of loss historically observed in the HELOC portfolios versus the extremely high frequency of loss seen in the vehicle portfolios.

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Commercial Loans

Commercial Loan Officers understand that their portfolios offer different challenges for managing collateral risk.  Commercial borrowers demand high levels of service and will quickly look to other financial institutions if their needs are not met. We have worked with hundreds of commercial loan portfolios and understand the underwriting and operational challenges involved in servicing these portfolios.

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