Compliance Team

Since Dodd-Frank, Miniter has been on the forefront of ensuring adherence to any collateral risk transfer-related regulation. Our compliance team monitors lending legislation including CFPB, RESPA, TILA, NFIP, NAIC, and joint-agency regulators to ensure that our lenders stay in compliance with these fast-changing regulations.
Webinars about force-placed insurance, white papers on insurance tracking, and e-newsletters, are used to keep our lenders informed. In addition our team is available to promptly answer any compliance questions our lenders may have.

Vendor Management

Throughout the length of our engagement with lenders, we focus on ensuring compliance.  We have carefully designed our process to expedite your regulatory control.  Our system documents and delivers the required regulatory documentation each year, so you can be prepared for your annual audit.

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Our Compliance Team

Jim Gilpin
Chief Operating Officer

Jim is Miniter’s Chief Operating Officer.  Jim has a Master’s Degree in Retail Bank Management from the CBA at the University of Virginia and serves on the Board of Directors at Abington Bank.  Jim oversees our compliance initiatives from the unique position of both inside banking and as a third-party vendor.

Robert Smith
Compliance Manager

Rob started at Miniter in our insurance tracking department while going to undergraduate school at night.  He moved into our compliance department where he does compliance research, internal policy training and vendor management fulfillment.  Rob publishes our compliance white papers, designs our compliance webinars and works daily with our lenders’ compliance departments.