Track Your Own (TYO)

(Track Your Own Force-Placed Insurance)

If, for any reason, you prefer to keep your tracking activities in-house, but you feel your information systems do not have the capacity, we also have an excellent solution to overcome this obstacle.  Our Track Your Own (TYO) insurance tracking solution allows you to make use of Miniter’s insurance tracking technology in your own loan servicing department.


With Miniter’s TYO solution, you have the best of both worlds.  Your loan servicing department will deal directly with your borrowers and you will have access to our web-based, Borrower-CentricSM insurance tracking system.

Lender Internal Tracking



Inbound mail can be processed into the system by your loan servicers, which is then automatically evaluated for conformance to your loan agreements.  If the insurance document in non-conforming, the Miniter TYO system will schedule faxes, emails or phone calls to contact your borrower or your borrower’s insurance broker.  The system is pre-populated with thousands of insurance companies and insurance brokers, so addresses and phone numbers are at your fingertips.

Call Center Employee at Work
Man Inspects Document with Magnifying Glass
Compliant Outbound Letters


Unable to resolve the non-conforming insurance issue with you borrower?  This is where the Miniter TYO system takes over, sending perfectly timed insurance notifications to meet RESPA and NFIP requirements. These notices are sent daily from either your location or Miniter’s corporate headquarters in Rockland, MA.

System Support Just a Click Away


Need advice on a particular transaction? Miniter experts are available for underwriting, compliance, or transaction-related questions. Real-time messaging links you directly to these experts during business hours, providing you with answers to your questions within minutes.

A Woman Prepares an Insurance Policy
Woman Prepares Invoice
Automated Premium Invoicing


Two invoicing options are available.  The lender can be invoiced one time for the annual policy premium, or the annual premium can be billed monthly.  Monthly invoices are based on a net calculation of new premium and unearned premium refunds, which avoids large premium refunds when the borrower obtains their own insurance.  Invoices are prepared on the first of the following month and can be printed directly from the website.