Lender-Placed Insurance and Collateral Risk Transfer

Miniter Group provides a full line of insurance products and delivery solutions to transfer collateral risk from your loan portfolios.  Commercial and residential mortgage portfolios may utilize both flood insurance and hazard insurance policies delivered as a Force-Placed Insurance program.  Blanket hazard insurance policies, used with no insurance tracking, can be used with your mortgage and HELOC loans when they are cost effective.  Both Blanket Vendor Single Interest and Lender-Placed Insurance solutions are available for your Vehicle consumer portfolios.

Commercial Insurance Tracking

With our Borrower-CentricSM insurance tracking system, we protect your business in two ways – by protecting your collateral and by maintaining strong borrower relationships. We provide training and information through webinars, white papers, and e-newsletters to keep our lenders informed. Our team is available to promptly answer any insurance policy related questions you may have.