Claims and Lien Holder Services

Claims processing, along with insurance tracking is the operational side of transferring a lender’s collateral risk.  Efficient claims processing is critical the overall performance of your portfolio.  In 1999, Miniter Group set out to provide the best claims service in the industry.  We now provide automated claims services for mortgage and, vehicle portfolios.   During the economic downturn of 2008-2010, Miniter processed over 20,000 vehicle claims for our blanket vehicle insurance policies.  The average claim processing time during this period was under 8 business days.


Miniter Group also processes vehicle GAP claims associated with our lenders vehicle portfolios.  These policies are sold by auto dealers, but are financed by the lender.  This claim service is critical to minimizing collateral losses from borrowers who have total loss accidents.


In addition, we offer debt cancellation claims processing services to increase your per-claim recovery and reduce your net charge-offs.