Collateral Protection Insurance

A Low-Cost, Dual Interest Policy Option to Protect Your Vehicle Loan Portfolio

Collision protection insuranceCollateral Protection Insurance is used to transfer physical damage, theft and other coverage associated with consumer and commercial vehicles that are typically contained in a Personal or Business Auto Policy (PAP, BAP).  Collateral Protection Insurance Policies are dual interest policies, meaning that both the lender and the borrower will have most coverages under the policy.

  • Broad Dual Interest Coverage
  • Low cost to lender
  • Requires borrower vehicle insurance tracking
  • Highly regulated
  • Common name is CPI or force-placed vehicle insurance
CPI Underwriting

Collateral Protection Insurance is a master policy which is issued to the lender.  Coverage is placed on loan collateral when a Notice of Insurance (NOI) is issued for the policy.  Premium is billed to the lender who directly passes the premium charge to the borrower per their loan agreement.  Limits and deductibles are underwritten to the requirements of the particular portfolio. 
Lender coverages are available and include various repossession expense reimbursements and vehicle skip tracing.  These coverages must be paid by the lender.  Once we understand the risk profile of your portfolio, Miniter’s underwriting team will select from many of the physical damage and lender optional endorsements to customize the policy to maximize coverage at the lowest applied cost.

Delivering Collateral Protection Insurance

This policy form uses Notice of Insurance certificates (NOI) so software technology is required to efficiently place, monitor and invoice for these certificates.  In addition, regulatory requirements require lenders to follow NAIC notification and billing procedures.  Miniter’s offers three different delivery systems technology listed below along with the claims processing system that will be used to report a loss.

How Does Working With Us… Work?

The four items below provide you with a glimpse into the different types of services you can choose from to insure your loan portfolio against risk.

Outsourcing Your Tracking to Miniter (OST)

When you choose Miniter as your lender-placed insurance tracking partner, we ensure compliance by following carefully designed and vetted processes, and employ a Borrower-CentricSM approach.  This means we treat your borrowers (or, your members, in the case of credit unions) like you treat them.

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Write Your Own (WYO)

Our WYO solution is a web-based insurance placement system that is designed to integrate into a lender’s existing insurance tracking system workflow. WYO is an easy-to-use system that automates the placement, cancellation, billing, and compliance notifications associated with force-placing insurance.

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Track Your Own (TYO)

If you prefer to track insurance in-house, but your information systems are not optimized for it, Miniter’s Track Your Own force-placed insurance tracking solution may be the right fit. This system provides the full functionality of our outsource insurance tracking technology in your loan servicing department.

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Claims & Lien Holder Services

Claims service is critical to the operational efficiency of transferring collateral risk. Miniter Group has invested in state-of-the-art claims processing for force-placed hazard and flood insurance, as well as blanket VSI. In addition, we offer debt cancellation claims processing services to increase your per-claim recovery and reduce your net charge-offs.

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We’re here to help you protect your vehicle loan portfolio with collateral protection insurance that also allows you to better serve your customers. Reach out to us at 781-982-3100 or fill out our contact form to learn more about our collateral protection insurance solutions.

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