Commercial Loans

Commercial Loan Officers understand that their portfolios offer different challenges for transferring collateral risk.  To an outsider and on the surface, commercial real estate (CRE) appears very similar to Residential 1-4, but there are many differences:

  • Commercial real estate loans are subject to NFIP regulation, but not escrow requirements;
  • Commercial loans are not subject to RESPA;
  • Commercial loans collateral is typically used for more than one loan or one collateral is used on multiple loans;
  • Loans involving inventory or receivables (C&I)

The biggest and most important difference is that Commercial borrowers demand high levels of service and will quickly look to other financial institutions if their needs are not met. Collateral risk transfer underwriting for commercial portfolios requires the proper utilization of commercial insurance products and the necessary experience to blend these policies together.  Miniter Group underwriters have over 200 years of loan portfolio underwriting experience to design the best commercial portfolio coverage at the lowest possible cost.
Commercial borrowers demand high levels of service and will quickly look to other financial institutions if their needs are not met. Miniter’s Borrower-CentricTM tracking system is designed with the lender’s commercial relationship in mind.  Our workflows are designed to monitor the complex relationships imbedded in you commercial borrower’s insurance.

Our Commercial Loan Services

If our insurance tracking workflows uncover a discrepancy with coverage, we seamlessly put your designated loan servicer or your commercial loan officer in charge.  We give your designated contact all of the information required to resolve the insurance discrepancy.  No notification letters are sent.  Miniter Group monitors the commercial insurance policy tracking expertise and you continue to provide personalized service for your commercial borrower.  Force-placement will only occur upon your loan officer’s approval.
Our system easily manages the loan to collateral relationship in a “one-to-many” or a “many-to-one” scenario.  We also track commercial contents for hazard as well as flood insurance requirements.

Commercial Real Estate (CRE) Loan Portfolio Services

CRE loans may emerge from business owners that require a mortgage on their facility or from real estate investors that are developing real property for sale or rent.  CRE loans for businesses will typically include real property and contents, while real estate investor loans emerge as multi-collateral loans due to lenders’ “abundance-of-caution” underwriting that brings equity in other collateral to the commercial loan.
The challenge for transferring the collateral risks of these portfolios is accurately tracking the multi-collateral, cross-collateral and the location and value of contents, often described as “All Business Assets.”

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Commercial & Industrial (C&I) Loan Portfolio Services

C&I loans take the form of equipment, inventory and receivables associated with a business entity.  Transferring the collateral risk associated with fixed equipment as well as commercial vehicles may require different policy types and delivery technology to cost effectively transfer this risk.

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We understand your need to protect your portfolio and investments while maintaining strong relationships with your borrowers. To learn more about our tracking solutions and commercial loan services, call us at 781-982-3100 or fill out our contact form.