Guaranteed Auto Protection (GAP)

With “Guaranteed” in Its Name, Need We Say More About GAP Insurance?


Guaranteed Auto Protection (GAP) will pay the difference between the outstanding loan balance and the borrower’s insurance settlement when the vehicle is a total loss. This product can be sold by the F&I manager at the dealership and then financed by the lender, or it can be sold by the lender’s consumer loan officer.  The lender is able to take more risk on high LTV loans if GAP is purchased by borrowers who are looking for a high LTV loan.



GAP Claim Service


Miniter provides GAP claims service for both the contracts we sell as well as for lenders who finance GAP contracts from the dealer.  Dealer GAP contracts are debt cancellation contracts, not insurance policies.  When the lender agrees to finance these contracts as part of the loan, the lender is agreeing to cancel any GAP debt if the borrower’s car is a total loss.  The lender must file a claim with the dealer’s GAP provider to be reimbursed for the debt that was forgiven.   Miniter Group has years of expertise working with numerous dealer GAP providers, which enables us to get the best possible settlement of your GAP claim.