Residential Loans

The Residential 1-4 portfolio typically represents the largest asset class in a non-commercial bank or credit union.  Residential 1-4 loan portfolios are now proactively managed using advanced ALCO techniques.  To further complicate issues, your portfolio is segmented between GSE conforming, Non-conforming, FHA/VA and, potentially, a Home Equity portfolio, if not managed as a consumer loan.  A common methodology to balance interest rate risk is to sell fixed or variable rate loans into the GSEs while retaining servicing rights.
Transferring collateral risk is no simple task with segmented portfolios and assets that are owned by both the lender and the secondary market.   Protecting these portfolios involves dove-tailing monolithic insurance policies to provide superior coverage at a reasonable cost.  If not done properly, the lender may spend too much while having gaps in portfolio coverage that will not be uncovered until a claim is filed.

Understanding Collateral Risk Transfer for Residential Loans

At Miniter Group, we like to describe our expertise as “We are an Inch wide and a Mile deep.”  Miniter Group underwriters have over 200 years of underwriting experience.  We know how to dove-tail multiple commercial insurance products to deliver the best coverage at the best price.  Our track record proves this as we insure over 700 lenders (including banks, credit unions, finance companies, and other mortgage servicers) with well over 5,500 individual insurance policies.  That is eight policies issued for every lender.
Let Miniter help you design a cost-effective collateral risk transfer program for your Residential 1-4 portfolios using some of the best expertise in the industry. When you choose Miniter as your partner, we offer you the following options:

Mortgage Hazard Insurance

Lender-placed insurance for mortgages delivered from Miniter Group is a cost effective, compliant approach to transferring this collateral risk.

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We recommend blanketing hazard insurance for your HELOC portfolio, however HELOCs in SFHA flood zones must still use force-placed insurance. Learn how we combined these two insurance policies into a cost-effective solution.

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Blanket Mortgage Hazard Insurance

The blanket mortgage hazard insurance policy protects the lender’s mortgage portfolio for property damage on a blanket basis without tracking and force-placing uninsured properties.

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Flood Insurance

Transferring collateral flood risk on commercial and residential properties requires an approach that combines NFIP flood zones, FEMA regulations, and policies that are cost-effective for both the consumer and the borrower.

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Mortgage Impairment Insurance

Mortgage Impairment coverage is required for all lenders that originate or service mortgages for Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Ginnie Mae or the Federal Home Loan Banks. These Government Sponsored Enterprises (GSEs) have very specific requirements for Mortgage Impairment and Mortgage E&O coverage.

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