Vehicle Skip Tracing

Miniter Group’s in-house skip tracing company Miniter Investigations, Inc. (MI2) was created so that Miniter Group could control the investigative workflow to ensure that our processes are compliant with our lenders regulatory requirements.  MI2’s sole mission is to support the operational efforts to minimize skip risk to our lenders.


MI2 has performed skip tracking services for the last 15 years.  We employ some of the most experienced skip tracers in the industry.  This experience has led to some of the highest locate ratios for our lender partners.


A common problem with skip tracing and vehicle recovery is that vehicles can be moved between the time the skip locate is sent to the lender and the time when the tow truck arrives for the repossession.  Working with Miniter Group’s MI2 skip tracers eliminates the finger pointing that can occur when the vehicle is not picked up after a skip locate has been reported.


Since 2005, we have seen both the frequency and severity of skip claims skyrocket, to the point where skip claims now result in more the 50% of a vehicle portfolio collateral losses.  For more information on this, download our white paper “The Changing Landscape of Vehicle Portfolio Insurance.”