Miniter Group Security Policy

James L. Miniter Insurance Agency, Inc. considers the security of your policy information a top priority. We take extensive security measures to ensure a safe and reliable online experience for all of our customers. 


The first level of security is password protection. To gain access to accounts, users must verify their identity with a password.  

In order to log in, you must have your web browser set up to accept a “cookie.” This particular cookie is used to remember your account number and password while you are viewing your account information online. Once you have completed your session, the cookie will be erased. For more information about cookies, visit  

Your password is unique to your account and is designed to protect your account from unauthorized use.
Miniter is not responsible for any lost, stolen, or otherwise disclosed passwords.
Accordingly, your password should be guarded and not provided to anyone.
Privacy Policy.  


The second level of security is firewall protection. All James L. Miniter Insurance Agency, Inc. systems are protected with firewalls that limit access to only those customers providing the proper passwords.  

The Internet was not originally designed for open access by the general public. However, the popularity and acceptance of the Internet created the demand for more and more companies to make information available from internal computer systems. One of the ways to meet this need is for James L. Miniter Insurance Agency, Inc. to install and maintain a security firewall on our computer network.  

Although a firewall is a new word for many computer users, the concept is not. Firewalls act much like the manager of a safe deposit box vault. The same methodology is programmed into software firewalls. Every request for information is authenticated and provided only to authorized individuals. In addition, all activity passing through the firewall is documented. 


The third level of security is 128-bit key SSL encryption. Before data is exchanged between the customer and James L. Miniter Insurance Agency, Inc., it is encoded or scrambled with 128-bit key SSL encryption.  

All data exchanged over the Internet is divided into small units and sent in envelope type packets. Upon arriving at the computer that requested the information, the packets are reassembled into the original message.  

For Internet transactions and communications, you must employ a method of securing these packets as they travel across the Internet. Secure Socket Layer, or SSL, is a leading method for encrypting and decrypting packets of data as they are exchanged using a code known only to the data’s sender and recipient. SSL locks the data so that regardless of the path the data takes as it passes across the Internet, it only can be opened by the end-user with the proper key or combination to the lock on the data.  

SSL technology is widely accepted today because the combination needed to unlock SSL encrypted data is 128 bits long. That’s 2128 keys, or 340,282,366,920,938,463,463,374,607,431,768,211,456 unique encryption codes. (That’s 340 trillion trillion trillion, for those of you keeping track at home.) It was determined that if computers kept advancing in speed as they have in the past, these 128-bit codes would remain secure for at least another decade if it not longer. (At which point we may see a jump to 256 bit or larger keys.)  

The bottom line is that even if someone could sift your packets of data out of the trillions passing through the Internet every minute, it would take so long for someone to unlock each of the SSL-protected packets, that the data would be out of date and useless by the time it was reassembled. 


Even with all the security precautions we have in place, Miniter needs your help in making your accounts as secure as possible. To that end, Miniter recommends customers practice the following security measures:  

  1. Keep IDs and passwords confidential
  2. Use passwords that include letters and numbers that are not easily discernable (do not use birthdays, child’s name, etc.)
  3. Change your passwords frequently
  4. Use different passwords for each online service

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