Best Practices for Force-Placed Insurance

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Miniter’s Borrower-Centric insurance tracking is designed to help your borrower maintain their own insurance. 

This paper shows our borrower-centric results using three case studies where force-placed insurance premiums were reduced by greater than 50% and outbound notification letters were reduced by 70%. 

Download this white paper to fully understand the benefits of borrower-centric insurance tracking.

Outsource Insurance Tracking

The Miniter “Outsource Tracking” system is the first “Borrower-Centric” lender placed insurance tracking system. Using our Glass House approach means you have full visibility, real time, all the time, into everything we do for you as your outsource insurance tracking partner. Every transaction, Every document, Every image, Every borrower, Every time. Our in house development team built 100% of our system based on input from our largest and smallest lender partners. Come check us out…you’ll like living in the Glass House!