Vehicle Portfolio Solutions

Transferring auto portfolio risks involves verifying insurance at loan origination as well as designing a cost-effective approach to maintaining insurance on the collateral through the duration of your loan. Whether you decide to use Blanket Vendor Single interest insurance (VSI), sometimes called Lender Single Interest (LSI) or Collateral Protection Insurance (CPI), Miniter Group has designed flexible delivery technologies to enable low-cost collateral risk transfer solutions for your auto portfolio.

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blanket vendor single interest insurance

A proven collateral risk transfer technique used by vehicle lenders to reduce net charge-off up to 18%. This program involves charging a small premium at loan origination, which can be excluded from the APR in most states.

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collateral protection insurance

A traditional risk transfer technique involving dual interest coverage for both the borrower and the lender when uninsured damage occurs either before or after repossession.

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Guaranteed Auto Protection (GAP)

This product offers multiple benefits to the borrower, the lender, and the auto dealer. GAP will pay the difference in the gap between the outstanding loan balance and the borrower insurance settlement when the vehicle is totaled.

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lienholder services

Miniter offers an outsource service for processing lien holder claims associated with damaged collateral on both repossessed vehicles and foreclosed properties. We have provided this service for years for some of the largest lenders in the country and are now offering this proven service to the entire lending community. We have aggressively collected legitimate lienholder claim payments from every large property insurance company in the country.