White Papers

Miniter Group publishes white papers periodically to provide insight during industry or regulatory changes. These papers provide an in-depth view of current regulations as well as insight into future regulatory actions regarding force-placed insurance. 

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Borrower-Centric Insurance Tracking

Miniter’s Borrower-Centric insurance tracking is designed to enable our agents help your borrower maintain their own insurance. 

This paper shows our borrower-centric results using three case studies where force-placed insurance premiums were reduced by greater than 50% and outbound notification letters were reduced by 70%. 

Download this white paper to fully understand the benefits of borrower-centric insurance tracking.

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hazard insurance

Properly protecting your residential and commercial real estate portfolios requires excellent planning and execution. This white paper unveils the simple techniques used to design a robust and cost effective program to transfer collateral and operational risks from your loan servicing department.

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Vendor Management

This white paper will provide guidance on how to form a strong vendor management program that meets regulatory requirements and provides a long-term benefit to your institution.

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