Your collateral is just as important as your relationships with your borrowers.

We are here to help protect both through Borrower Centric insurance tracking, VSI insurance, and force placed insurance solutions.

Miniter Group offers hazard, flood, and lender-placed insurance and tracking solutions for bank and credit union lenders. We use a Borrower-Centric approach to insurance tracking, which helps the borrower maintain their own policy and minimizes the need for force placed insurance.  We work with over 500 banks, credit unions, and other financial companies protecting both their collateral and their relationships with their borrowers.

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You care about providing excellent customer service while maintaining efficient staffing, technology, and compliant force placed insurance workflows. We provide you with Borrower-CentricSM, compliant, cost-effective, and efficient solutions to help you achieve those goals.

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We have developed an easy and transparent process which allows you to manage us as your third-party risk management partner. We are committed to ensuring compliance through our in-house Compliance Department who continuously monitors CFPB, FDIC and NFIP compliance updates.

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Your portfolio’s profitability relies upon a carefully tailored balance between your collateral risk management methods and their associated costs. We provide you with customized force placed insurance and blanket insurance solutions to help you optimize your yield while managing your risk.

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Outsourcing your portfolio’s collateral insurance can positively impact your ROI, but only if the risk of outsourcing is carefully managed. This is why we offer you a transparent, easy way to manage us as your collateral risk transfer vendor — and why we place so much emphasis on compliance.

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Controlled and Accelerating Growth

We specialize in transferring collateral risk for lenders. We deal in a very small niche of the banking industry and we are experts at providing CPI insurance and force placed insurance solutions to our clients in addition to insurance tracking.
Our team has a combined total of hundreds of years of experience in lender-placed insurance and tracking, combined with the most modern and efficient insurance tracking systems in our industry.  This enables us to provide you with the best customer experience for both you and your borrowers.
We protect your collateral while safeguarding your relationship with your borrowers.  The industry has embraced this approach, which we call Borrower CentricSM. The graph to the right tells the tale — controlled and accelerating growth.
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We enjoy what we do — and the enthusiasm is contagious.
~ Jim Gilpin, COO
Experience and Expertise

Our leadership brings a combined 200+ years of experience in protecting financial institutions through force placed insurance, VSI insurance, and insurance tracking.

CEO Julianne Donley at Executive Meeting

Julianne joined Miniter Group in 1985 and has been the company’s President & CEO since 2002.

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Jim joined Miniter Group in November 1998 as Vice President of Operations to bring business systems expertise to Miniter Group.

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Wayne has been working in the computer industry for over 28 years and with Miniter Group since March of 1999.

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Gary has held senior financial roles at mid-sized organizations in the professional services industry.

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We challenge ourselves every day to be the best partner we can be.
~ Julianne Donley, CEO
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Our culture rewards innovation and our people are what drives the success of Miniter Group.
~ Wayne Brantley, CIO