C3 Insurance Tracking

A Borrower CentricSM Solution

Solve for customer noise, compliance risk, and reduce the burden of
servicing costs for even your most complex insurance tracking.

Replace today's noise 
with tomorrow's confidence.

Transform your insurance tracking from a high-risk, high-cost problem, into a relationship-building asset that reduces workloads and protects the borrower experience and the bank's reputation.

  • Solve for noise. C3 tracking preempts borrower frustration with a proactive borrower-centric approach that resolves insurance documentation issues before a lapse occurs.

  • Solve for compliance worries with fully automated tracking system that delivers not only assured compliance but the accuracy you can trust.

  • Solve for clarity with always accurate and up-to-date borrower status data that gives you real-time visibility with either outsourced or in-house tracking.

  • Solve for system and support with dedicated lender support staff, compliance expertise, and up-to-the-minute borrower visibility utilizing multi-factor data integration.

  • Solve for seamless integration that takes accurate core system data and applies real-time insurance information to enable loan servicing to enhance service levels.

Seamless implementation.
Consistent support.

We do this by creating customized outsource implementation plans, cleaning the lender's core system data, and implementing our proven best practice operational workflows. This approach delivers a seamless, cost-effective system that reduces workloads and dramatically improves your borrower experience.

Proven System for Banks and Credit Unions

We have helped more than 500 lenders move
to our systems.

100% Implementation Success

Every lender that we've transitioned to our outsource insurance tracking did so with 100% implementation success.

See Measurable Improvement

Join lenders who have reduced borrower noise, internal staff costs, and protected their vital borrower relationships.

Follow-up and Support that Matters

We ensure that you benefit from a reduction in your workload and increased confidence with borrower-centric support both during and after implementation.

Next-generation insurance tracking
that solves for borrower noise and
delivers real confidence.

Tell us your story.

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  • Do-it-yourself
  • Monitored
  • Fully-Outsourced
We’ll also share examples of how similar clients have solved their challenges, including:
  • Implementation
  • Process challenges
  • Timeline pressures

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