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The Equity Protection Program (EPP) is a fully insured loan program designed to assist lenders in generating more Home Equity loans

EPP allows for expanded underwriting guidelines and protects a lender’s home equity portfolio against losses due to borrower default. In addition to the default protection, many lenders use the program to eliminate or reduce loan loss reserve requirements. 100% combined loan-to-value (CLTV) coverage is available.

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  • Closed-End Seconds
  • Home Equity Lines of Credit (HELOC)
  • Purchase – Money Seconds (Combo, Piggyback subordinate financing for 1st)
  • Home Improvement Loans (Secured & Unsecured)


  • Risk transfer on 1st and 2nd liens protecting against borrower default for any reason
  • Allows lenders to safely broaden CLTV thresholds on home equity loans and purchase money seconds up to 100% with credit scores below 700
  • Delegated underwriting authority
  • Balance sheet protection – no losses reported
  • No foreclosure ever required, eliminates REO expenses
  • Single interest, risk-based coverage, no disclosure to borrower required  
  • Expanded CLTV thresholds to 133% on secured home improvement loans
  • Unsecured Home Improvement Loans up to $25K (no title work or valuation required) 

Add a risk transfer solution allowing broader eligibility to prudently increase HELOC and unsecured home improvement loan production.

The Borrower-CentricSM Insurance Tracking system ensures NFIP/RESPA compliance while maintaining a good relationship with your borrowers.

Insuring residential portfolios requires a combination of lender-placed insurance, blanket insurance for HELOCS and Condominiums as well as strict adherence to RESPA and NFIP/Agencies guidelines.  Protecting your borrower relationships requires proper use of advanced technology and well-trained tracking agents.


  • Systematic Flood Insurance Compliance
  • Condominium Master and Unit Owners Insurance Tracking
  • Blanket  Non-SFHA HELOCS & Condos
  • Monthly Billing in Arrears
  • Outsource Escrow Payments
  • Tracking of Policy DEC Page Limits
  • Private Flood Insurance Processing
  • Customized Blanket Hazard Policies

Commercial borrowers demand high levels of service.  Any mistakes with insurance tracking may cause these borrowers to look to other financial institutions

Commercial Insurance Tracking – We currently provide outsourced commercial insurance tracking for over 100 financial institutions.  An eight-year development effort lead to the ability to mine complex property valuations data.  This data is critical for accurate tracking of multi-collateral loans, cross-collateral loans, and commercial contents loans.

Underwriting – In addition to our years of underwriting expertise, we work with worldwide insurance companies that can provide high-limit Commercial CRE policies when required.


  • Multi-Collateral & Cross Collateral Commercial Loan Tracking
  • Commercial Package Policy Insurance  Tracking Expertise
  • Flood Insurance Tracking for Condominium and Detached Structures
  • P3 Valuation Technology to Eliminate False Placements
  • Contents and All-Business-Assets Tracking
  • Commercial Underwriting Expertise
  • High-Limit Hazard and Flood Policies when Required.

You need a modern approach to insurance tracking.

Learn what makes modern insurance tracking different, and how it can change loan servicing.