Equity Protection Program

Add a risk transfer solution allowing broader eligibility to prudently increase HELOC and unsecured home improvement loan production

More than 300+ Lenders trust our knowledgeable consultants and superior loan expansion product. We provide expert consultative support from our more than 25 years in banking and insurance.

  • Revenue Generating

  • Delegated Underwriting

  • Compete with FinTechs

  • Solution for transferring risk

  • Options to expand unsecured home improvement loans

Portfolio Expansion

Portfolio expansion by reaching higher utilization borrowers

Reduce Credit Loss

Credit loss reduction and elimination of REO Expense


Adherence to existing underwriting and processing workflows plus alignment with collection procedures


Expedited Processing

Expedited processing options include AVM, Title Mitigation, and Automated income options

Close Faster

Process and close unsecured home improvement loans faster


Exclusive Program

Exclusive program for FDIC or CUNA Insured Lenders

No Third-Party

No third-party originations make the program bank and credit union exclusive

A-rated Backing

Backing from multiple A-rated insurance carriers 

The goal:
Expand your loan revenues without increasing your risk.

Expert Consultation

Talk with an experienced insurance provider who comes from banking about how you can use our credit default program to increase your yields and margins without adding risk.
  • Talk about your loan goals and challenges
  • Learn how other banks and credit unions are seeing substantial outcomes
  • Discover the ways our delegated program could unlock a new shelf product without any integrations or processing changes.

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