Expanding eligibility for HELOCS without expanding the balance sheet risk.

Critical Paths to Growth

HELOCS and unsecured home improvement loans are the critical paths for growing portfolios in 2023.

Narrow Credit Box

Best HELOC earnings are out of reach with a narrow credit box.

Staying Competitive

Effectively competing with FinTechs
requires an inclusive digital product offering.


Your top priority...

Your priority is to capture more loans and retain control of the transaction without increasing the risk.

Loan Product Essentials

You need shelf products that will grow revenue while adding and retaining borrowers through expanded loan criteria.

  • Build stable earnings with increased margins

  • No barriers to entry, and fully
    delegated underwriting with no
    integration required

  • Transfer the risk of default, while you retain ownership of the loan and relationship

  • Achieve customer lifetime value goals by lending to segments with higher utilization rates

Lesson from what other banks have opted not to do...

concerned loan officer

Expand Risk and Self Insure

It promises to retain your process, but every loan will become a case-by-case decision. This approach slows the process down and creates a mismatch with your tolerance for risk.

Broaden the Credit Box

This approach is at odds with a more conservative credit policy and will limit the opportunities for greater HELOC yields because of prior experiences with legacy loan losses.
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If you don't offer a solution beyond your current credit box, borrowers will find someone else who has. You'll not only lose the loan but the borrower relationship.

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