Mortgage Impairment Insurance

All mortgage originators and mortgage servicers should purchase Mortgage Impairment Insurance.  Mortgage Impairment Insurance coverage is required for all lenders that originate or service mortgages for Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Ginnie Mae, or the Federal Home Loan Banks. These Government Sponsored Enterprises (GSEs) have very specific requirements for MI and Mortgage E&O coverage.


Mortgage Impairment Insurance provides coverage for lenders. The policy has 3 main features:


  • Property Insurance – This coverage requires default by the borrower and includes a wide range of perils (ie: earthquake). A lapse in the borrower’s insurance will trigger 90 days of coverage to allow lenders to re-establish primary layer insurance. Borrower insurance and force-placed insurance are examples of primary layer insurance.
  • Liability Insurance – Loss exposures that are associated with servicing the mortgage. This coverage acts as E&O insurance for the loan servicing department.
  • GSE Compliance – A properly underwritten mortgage impairment policy will utilize the liability insurance described above to meet GSE compliance requirements in the secondary market. This coverage is loosely named mortgage holders E&O insurance.

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E&O Policy Requirements – protect both the servicer and the seller against claims of negligence for these servicing activities:

  • Flood Determination
  • Hazard and flood insurance tracking and maintenance
  • Payment and tracking of real estate taxes
  • Mortgage insurance or loan guaranty maintenance

E&O policy limits between ten and thirty million dollars are required based on aggregate coverage or on a per loan basis. Maximum deductibles from ten to fifteen percent of these limits are required based on the size of the portfolio.


For more detailed information visit: Fannie Mae Selling Guide Website 

Miniter Group’s in-house underwriters are some of the best mortgage impairment insurance underwriters in the world.  Our executive underwriter has been involved in mortgage impairment underwriting for over 30 years worldwide.


  • Creating Mortage Impairment Policies with the use of over 40 custom endorsements.
  • Underwriting using adequate insurance limits based on the makeup of your portfolio.
  • Underwriting expertise to meet the liability compliance requirements of secondary market GSE’s.

We have created customized and cost-effective mortgage impairment forms for some of the largest banks in the USA.

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